PAC Mate Omni™ BX and QX 6.2 Update

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What's new in this update?

This maintenance release for the PAC Mate Omni BX and QX is an optional update. Installing this firmware will update your PAC Mate Omni from version 6.1.1074 to 6.2.1034.

You can perform this update using the Package updater which should preserve all of your programs and data through the updating process. If you prefer, you can perform a Flash update which will erase all of your current programs and data and will return the unit to a completely clean state. See the How do I install it? section of this page for further information about your update options.

Changes and Enhancements in the PAC Mate Omni 6.2 Maintenance Update

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What does it cost?

The 6.2 Maintenance update is a free download for PAC Mate Omni BX and QX users. Do not download this update if you have a PAC Mate BX or QX running version 4.1 or earlier.

To verify what version is installed on your PAC Mate Omni, press INSERT+ENTER, A on the QX or DOTS 2-4 CHORD, DOT 1 on the BX. If the version is 6.2, you do not need to update. Otherwise, proceed to the next section for instructions on updating your PAC Mate Omni.

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How do I get it?

Download the self-extracting file, PMO6.2.1034.101-enu.exe, by selecting the Download link near the bottom of this page. When prompted, be sure to save this file in a location where you can easily find it; such as the desktop.

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How do I install it?

Save the PMO6.2.1034.101-enu.exe file to a folder on your computer that you can easily remember. You might choose to save it on the desktop, which is the Windows default.

Locate the file and run it. By default, it extracts to the folder, C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\PAC Mate Omni\6.2 on Windows XP or C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\PAC Mate Omni\6.2 on Windows Vista. After the files are extracted, the folder automatically opens. Additionally, a PAC Mate Omni 6.2 Update shortcut, which directly opens the folder containing the update files, is created on the desktop for your convenience.

Once the files finish extracting, an HTML document opens containing step-by-step instructions on how to update your PAC Mate Omni. You can also find this file, How to Update.htm, in the folder where the files were extracted to. Please read this file carefully before proceeding as the 6.2 update can be installed in one of two ways.

Performing a flash update takes approximately 15 minutes to complete; however, any data you have added to your PAC Mate Omni, such as third-party applications, are erased and the unit is reset to factory defaults. You must back up or synchronize any information you do not wish to lose before updating using this method. The file used to perform the flash update is called Flash!6.2.1034.101-enu.bin.

Performing a package update takes approximately 50 minutes to complete, and all data on your unit, including any third-party applications, are retained. In addition, many PAC Mate Omni settings, such as the date and time, are retained. You will only have to reconfigure JAWS specific settings, such as Voice and Verbosity settings. The three files required to perform the package update are located in the Package Update folder.

If you need additional help, step-by-step instructions for both update methods are provided in the How to Update.htm file.

You must have at least 32 MB of free space available to update the unit using the package update.

A package update will not complete successfully if your unit is password protected. You must disable password protection before starting the update.

You may want to backup the data on your unit prior to updating. This is to ensure that no information is lost if a problem occurs during the update.

If you are updating from version 6.0 and you previously installed the AmbiCom WL54CF CompactFlash WiFi card drivers, you must remove the drivers before running the PAC Mate Omni 6.2 package update. Since version 6.2 now supports the AmbiCom WL54CF card, you can experience problems using the WiFi card if you do not uninstall the drivers before running the update.

Attention BX Users:
If you are updating from version 6.0 and you have any contracted braille notes saved on your PAC Mate Omni BX, before updating to version 6.2 using either of these two methods, open each note and press T CHORD to back-translate them to text. This ensures that they display correctly when opened in 6.2.

PAC Mate Omni BX and QX 6.2 Maintenance Update (45 MB FTP Download)
PAC Mate Omni BX and QX 6.2 Maintenance Update (45 MB HTTP Download)

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